Flax HTML5 Game Engine Development Diary Part 3

After a weekend of Guinness, rebel songs, and Kildare football banter, I have finally got around to writing last weeks development diary. During the week the first draft of the design document for the Flax Engine was finished, a stage in the development Carl and myself are quite happy to have completed.

So what else happened last week?

Well beside the numerous people crashing in our living room some nagging problems resurfaced which we thought were put to bed. Google Web Toolkit is a brilliant technology but really the magic can only go so far. The client side object serialization and deserialization to JSON is still causing a block, though with the help of the GWT-Ent library we may over come. For more explanation of our GWT client-side serialization/deserialization problem check out my Flax HTML5 Game Engine Development Diary Part 1. Though the GWT-Ent library doesn’t have a perfect implementation of JSON serialization/deserialization. From my experimenting with the library, it doesn’t seem to support collections such as arrays/lists etc. We’re hoping to add support for this to the library. We’ll be documenting our work on that next week, hopefully.

Technical Detail – Canvas

On the weekend Jani Hartikainen left a comment on my first diary entry asking to see more technical information, so I will be doing a post on how we plan to implement rendering in the engine. I hope you find that post interesting, when I get around to writing it. If anyone else would like to read about certain aspects of our project please feel free to leave a comment.

Design Document

As I mentioned above the design document is complete or the first draft is, at least. We will be publishing it here at some point in the future once we polish it off, so keep an eye out for that. Today is the first day of programming so I will be cutting this diary short to get stuck into the code. Here we go!

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