Flax Project has a new HQ!

The Flax Project is now operating out of the UNUM lab in Carlow Institute of Technology. Thanks to one of our college lecturers, Joseph Kehoe, we have been granted access to this top of the range software development center, so a big thank you to the college and Joe. This week we are busy working on the design document for the Flax Game Engine, and currently Carl is experimenting with the HTML5 audio tag in different browsers and platforms as can be seen by his recent article How to get hidden, autoplaying audio in html5 on iOS. Myself, I’m working on the graphics layer using Canvas and looking into using the DOM due to canvas performance issues. Below are some pictures of the lab.

Our work station

Our work station

Carlow IT Software Development Centre


Flax Project

Flax Project

New Authors

Recently we have got some of our fellow Game Developers from college involved in writing for the blog, one of which is Kevin Beirne, who recently posted the following article Kid Paddle – A Serious Misrepresentation of Video Games. A new Games section has been set up for Game reviews and other Game industry related posts.

Other Flax News

There are currently some small bugs with the website which I have yet to fix, as we are really trying to get the Flax Game Engine Design Document finished. Though I hope to have fixed most of them by early next week. If you’re interested in the Flax Game Engine and want to find more information, watch this blog. As in the coming weeks we will be doing weekly diaries of development

About the Author

Ciarán McCann

Flax Project Founder - Ciarán McCann is an extremely passionate and motivated programmer who has been programming for about 4 years now. Currently attending Carlow I.T studying computer games development. He has experience in many different programming languages, markup languages and general technologies. His role in the Flax Project is as a blogger/Web Designer and Flax Engine programmer. Please excuse any bad grammar/spelling, I am a bit on the Dyslexic side. Follow me on Twitter for info on what I am working on.

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