Carlow IT

Catch up with the Flax Project – Busy times!

Hey everyone, so it’s been nearly 5 weeks since we last posted. It’s been a crazy 5 weeks and it’s […]

Windows Phone 7 Game: Bounce

Hello to the Flax community. My name is Keith Cully. I am a student/game developer on the same computer games […]

c# guitar hero clone

A Look Back At My First Proper Game – C# Guitar Hero Clone

So, those of you who read my last post Diary of an Irish Student Game Developer you will know that I […]

Dairy of an Irish Game Developer

Diary of an Irish Student Game Developer

So it’s finally the end of the college year, exams are done and dusted, thank god. Second year really did fly […]


Two-hour ACM Programming Problem, the first

So myself and Ciarán (and some other classmates, Kevin Beirne and Keith Cully) are in the ACM International Collegiate Programming […]