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Tipperary Games Fleadh – Ireland’s GDC

So myself, Ciarán and James Kelly (who we’ll hope you’ll be seeing more of shortly) went to the Tipperary IT […]

Flax HTML5 Game Engine Development Diary Part 9

So in my last post I promised a video demo of the current development build of the Flax HTML5 Web […]

Gobal Game Jam

Global Game Jam 2011

Anyone who follows myself and Carl (@C_McCann, @Csl_ or @FlaxProject) may have seen various tweets about the global game jam […]

Flax HTML5 Game Engine

Flax HTML5 Game Engine Development Diary Part 8 : Screenshots!

Well, it’s almost Christmas day and I am happy to announce that any followers of the Flax Engine development will […]


On Relativism And Games

This is a post about the psychology and art of games, and we’ll return to your regularly scheduled programming blog […]