Flax engine: GWT event bus implementation

In any software system there is going to be events, such as onComponentLoad, onMouseClick etc. Flax as an engine was […]

Flax HTML5 Game Engine Development Diary Part 5

While sitting in my Software Engineering lecture today about the waterfall development process I couldn’t help but think that the […]


Flax Engine: GWT client-side JSON serialization and deserialization

During the design document stage of the Flax Game Engine we came up against a wall when trying to communicate […]

UNUM Lab Carlow IT - Whiteboard

Flax HTML5 Game Engine Development Diary Part 1

Well, it’s been almost 3 weeks since we started full time work on our HTML5 game engine, Flax. Some of […]


PHP algebraic equation function

Recently while cleaning out some of my old files I came across a PHP class project which I, like every […]