WP7 Game “Astro Bacon”

Ever wanted to fling asteroids at space pigs? Well, thanks to Astro Bacon, now you can!


Hi all, I’m back and I’ve got a shiny new game to announce. Astro Bacon is a side-scrolling space shooter for windows phone 7 which I have been working on since the end of Summer. The game is now available from the marketplace at: http://windowsphone.com/s?appid=33b0ffdb-1c79-4732-879c-0ff1a5223191 for €0.99. Or if you don’t mind an annoying ad banner in your way you can get it free here: http://windowsphone.com/s?appid=f761a51e-6083-4d61-a458-7a3ce93c4e0c (The ad really does limit screen space though).


In a bid to feed the world’s ever increasing appetite for pork, some science boffins decided to breed genetically modified pigs in space. Unfortunately, the pigs figured out how to use weapons and escaped. They are now taking direct orders from the “Mother Sow” who is hell bent on destroying earth. Now, it’s up to you to defend the earth against the space pig menace. Pilot a nearby satellite and use its grabber to hurl asteroids at space pigs in this side scrolling action game.



Video:  Astro Bacon


Game Features:

  • Multiple space pig and asteroid types.
  • Upgradable grabbers and armour.
  • OpenXLive (Achievements and High Score tables).
  • Particle effects.
  • Simple and open control system.
  • 25 levels and 3 difficulty settings.
  • English, German, French and Spanish language support.



Design, programming and artwork – Keith Cully.

Localization – Helen Malone.

Sound Effects – Public Domain. (Editing by Keith Cully).

Music – Dan-O. (Free Royalty Free Music by DanoSongs.com).



About the Author

Keith Cully

Keith is a dedicated, hardworking individual. Although he started out as a bespoke furniture maker, hard times and a huge interest in technology led him to become a computer games developer (I know it sounds random). Keith is currently attending the Computer Games Development course at I.T. Carlow and has skills in a number of languages. Keith is especially interested in mobile platforms and is currently developing for Windows Phone 7. Follow me on twitter for updates or check out my website.

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