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Dublin Web Summit 2011

Last Friday, myself and the rest of the Flax team (Carl Lange and James Kelly) headed up to the largest […]

Diary of an Irish Student Game Developer

So it’s finally the end of the college year, exams are done and dusted, thank god. Second year really did fly […]


College Projects – C++ OpenGL & OGRE 3D

So, its near the end of the year, and all the projects for college have finally been handed up. In […]


ACM Irish Collegiate Programming Contest 2011 @UCC

On Saturday the 26th of March 2011 myself, Carl and Keith Cully, one of our class mates attended the ACM […]


ACM-ICPC 2010/2011 Programming Problem – High Score

It’s getting closer and closer to the ACM-ICPC Programming contest in UCC this year so now more then ever we […]