College Projects – C++ OpenGL & OGRE 3D

So, its near the end of the year, and all the projects for college have finally been handed up. In this post, I am just going to give you a quick look at my end of year projects, in OpenGL, and OGRE 3D.


In our “3D Graphics & Audio 1” subject, on the IT Carlow Games Development course, we study OpenGL. The awesome Ken Power dot product master, teachs us to be Ninja Graphics programmers. Over the year, we have completed two projects, and many practical assignments for this class. One was a 2D lunar Lander Clone, and the second a 3D First Person Shooter with lighting, texture mapping, alpha blending, billboard, alpha masking etc. Below is a video of the FPS projects.


In our Programing subject on the IT Carlow Games Development course, we study the intricacies of C++, under Ross Palmer, the head of the course. In this class, we also use OGRE 3D for practical experience with C++, and also in our Physics class we use OGRE 3D to represent our Physic simulations. Below are some screenshots of the Ogre 3D project. I didn’t do a video for this, as the project isn’t that great, and I only spent 4 days working on it (speed coding, to meet a very tight deadline.)

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  1. nice space marine

    • Yea hes cool, I’m a big fan of Dawn of war and he came up in a Google image search and I couldn’t resist.

      Hope that’s ok? :p Didn’t actually think someone from a cool company like Relic would see my video.

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