Meet the Team

Flax Project Founder – Ciarán McCann


Ciarán McCann
Ciarán McCann is an extremely passionate and motivated programmer who has been programming for about 5 years now. I am currently attending Carlow Institute of Technology studying computer games development

I have experience in many different programming languages, markup languages and general technologies. I’m the Founder of the Flax Project and my role spans from Blogger/Web Designer, and Flax Game Engine Programmer. My interests span all thinks technology orientated.

Follow me on Twitter for info on what I am working on.


Flax Project Co-Founder – Carl Lange


Carl Lange
I’m currently a Computer Games Development student at Carlow IT. I love programming and all things technical, and I’ll learn anything if it’s interesting. I’m passionate about technical education, and naturally about games.

Check out my resume, and follow me on Twitter!


Flax Blogger – Keith Cully


Keith is a dedicated, hardworking individual. Although he started out as a bespoke furniture maker, hard times and a huge interest in technology led him to become a computer games developer (I know it sounds random). Keith is currently attending the Computer Games Development course at I.T. Carlow and has skills in a number of languages. Keith is especially interested in mobile platforms and is currently developing for Windows Phone 7. Follow me on twitter for updates or check out my website.


Flax Blogger – James Kelly


I am a student at IT Carlow studying Games development. I really enjoy programming and I love to challenge myself, learning new languages and general putting what i have learnt to the test,but mostly i spend my time planning for the zombie Apocalypse it’s real, it’s coming.