WP7 Game Development : A Beginners Guide (XML Specified Content)

Hello again. I am here today to talk about setting up objects in XNA using data read from .XML files. […]

Windows Phone 7 Game Development: A Beginner’s Guide (Accelerometer)

Hello all. Keith here again, as promised. Bounce is now available, for free, on Zune marketplace. The current version contains […]

c# guitar hero clone

A Look Back At My First Proper Game – C# Guitar Hero Clone

So, those of you who read my last post Diary of an Irish Student Game Developer you will know that I […]


On Relativism And Games

This is a post about the psychology and art of games, and we’ll return to your regularly scheduled programming blog […]


Flax Project has a new HQ!

The Flax Project is now operating out of the UNUM lab in Carlow Institute of Technology. Thanks to one of […]