An App In Under Five Hours

The other day on my long train ride from my home and college, I had an idea. I was sick […]

How to get hidden, autoplaying HTML5 audio on iOS (now with added hackiness!)

Let me start this article the same way I started my previous article about this topic: don’t autoplay audio. Autoplaying […]


ACM-ICPC 2010/2011 Programming Problem – High Score

It’s getting closer and closer to the ACM-ICPC Programming contest in UCC this year so now more then ever we […]


Flax HTML5 Game Engine Development Diary Part 9

So in my last post I promised a video demo of the current development build of the Flax HTML5 Web […]

Google Web Toolkit HTTP

Flax Engine: GWT Asynchronous HTTP communication with PHP back-end

Well here is the first of our successful modular time-boxed tasks which I spoke about earlier this week in Flax […]