Global Game Jam 2011

Anyone who follows myself and Carl (@C_McCann, @Csl_ or @FlaxProject) may have seen various tweets about the global game jam […]

Two-hour ACM Programming Problem, the first

So myself and Ciarán (and some other classmates, Kevin Beirne and Keith Cully) are in the ACM International Collegiate Programming […]

Flax HTML5 Game Engine

Flax HTML5 Game Engine Development Diary Part 7

So, as Ciarán’s mentioned, we’re back at work on Flax. This is, to put it lightly, a good thing. Neither […]

Google Web Toolkit HTTP

Flax Engine: GWT Asynchronous HTTP communication with PHP back-end

Well here is the first of our successful modular time-boxed tasks which I spoke about earlier this week in Flax […]


PHP – Simple Encryption and Decryption algorithm

Once again I have found an old PHP script which I wrote when I was first getting into PHP programming […]